Garden Solarization Update #1

To read about our garden solarization and how it works, click here.

It’s now been 6 weeks since we pulled the plastic up from the garden solarization… it’s time for an update! So far, the solarization has worked amazingly! Nothing has grown up except one weed, yes ONE weed! That’s it! I expected some grasses would have still grown a little, but there hasn’t been any! The quarter of the garden area that we are using gets watered multiple times throughout the day, every day, and still nothing! Yay for no weeding for me! Here is a picture of the garden that I took yesterday:


Currently we are growing tons of pumpkins, a couple tomato plants, a watermelon plant, peas, beans, and corn. The weird shiny ribbon things in the picture are this bird repellent ribbon stuff, which has definitely not worked in keeping the quail away from the garden. 

I will continue to update on how the solarization is working about every month or every couple months. I am particularly interested to see how it handles next spring! 


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