March 2017 Update

I’m way overdue for an update on our homestead happenings! My last update was in December; click here if you missed it. To be honest, not a whole lot has happened since then, except for more recently! With the colder weather, rain, and shorter days, Farmer Long and I have been spending most of our time “maintaining” the homestead, not too many new exciting things, crazy projects or anything else going on. And we’ve also spent a lot of time resting (lol) in preparation for the warmer months! Well now that we are into spring, better weather, and longer days, all kinds of things are going on around the homestead, we can barely keep up! Continue reading


How we can eat animals we raise ourselves

“How can you eat animals you raise and care for on a daily basis for weeks and even months? Isn’t it hard?  How can you kill and butcher an animal? Isn’t it sad? How do you keep yourself from getting attached to meat animals? How can you have some animals for meat and others not? Does it bother you when you eat meat from an animal you can put a face to?” These are a number of questions I receive quite often when people find out about our lifestyle, so I figured I would go into a little detail about this. Continue reading